Adventures of the Mind

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
― Albert Einstein

He also said,

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions”
-Albert Einstein

Have we lost the way of exploring and living the impossible? What is “reality” after all? It’s all but an illusion anyway. An illusion we created by attaching a meaning to what we think or feel is “important”.

What if we embraced lucid dreaming and imagining, again … like when we were kids? What if we stepped into a world of our choosing that is loving, kind and graceful peace? What if we chose to fully step into that *Be-ing-ness* with all our feelings and higher essence of vibration?

Impossible? No! … Stepping into the presence of ‘Wishes-Fullfilled’ creates fresh neuro-connections in the brain … and the heart. When we imagine ourselves *being* in the future as if it was happening, our subconscious, not knowing what is real and what is imagined, takes it as *real*, thus as far as our inner system is concerned, it has happened. Thus the future has become past tense as we are living in the timeless *now*.

So, every time we become totally present in the essence of our desire as it *has happened*, we are creating layers of new experience. We then start living in the vibration of the impossible … drawing this in to become the new tangible “reality”.

So, yes, Ms. Steinem …. “Dreaming is after all a form of planning!”


An awakened imagination works with a purpose.

YL meditation combined

“An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable.”  ~ Neville Goddard

To me, spiritual meditation means to let go of perceived limitations and enter into the realm of allowing Spirit to show expanding possibilities. Then on purpose enter into that realm of unlimited abundance being One with the source energy … God.

I am training myself, my mind, my senses, my being to fully step into the future, my destiny, my purpose. Using specific essential oils and NLP for that is also helpful, as I know how to engage all my sub-modalities to experience the future as the now. From the neurological point of view the ‘now’ experience of the future is now registered as experienced, as past tense. The essential oils also register in the limbic system a sense of emotional fulfillment around desires attained.

This means my entire system is creating a positive “backlog” of already flourishing inner resources, strengthening me for the unfolding of the already attained desire ….

“Really successful entrepreneurs train themselves to see what isn’t yet there.” ~ Elizabeth Purvis

I love adding a few drops of Young Living Idaho Fir into my diffuser and then step into my desire within a meditative state

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Today serves as a reminder:

Better some imperfect action, than some perfect inaction.

Today, I was talking with a client about their continuous ‘bug-bear’ of “I’m not good enough, etc., the old contraction of fear, and scarcity sensation, and panic.

Thankfully they have the “Stress Away” essential oils blend, and with some EFT Tapping and releasing of old “stories” (the meanings we give to experiences – our personal interpretations of events and ‘things’ happening), they felt a huge load lifting and feeling better.

In our lifetime, we all have experienced that frozen “deer in headlights” feeling, that feeling of hopelessness and there is no way out. This is where someone who’s been in the battlefield and trenches comes in very useful. I myself have had those people and coaches in my life who were willing to listen, and then encourage me to see beyond my own temporary blind spots and make me aware that, “yes! I can do it!” My gratitude for those special people is forever!

Even the greatest and most successful people have had temporary moments where they lost hope, where they bumped up against old limiting beliefs, when they were close to packing it all in … this is where it is invaluable to have someone who walks next to one who is willing to put their ego aside, and help.

It is my desire to help others unravel their frozen fear, despair and start dreaming again!

So, maybe you have a dream of greatness, a dream of impacting your world, … but for whatever reason momentarily have those ‘blips’ where you hit an old wall, e.g. some financial stuff thrown at you that re-awakened the old fear of failure, some harsh criticism, stumbled into a ditch of depression funk where everything all of a sudden looks bleak and seeing straight does not seem an option, or whatever.

There are times when you just want to talk to someone
who will not judge you,

who will unconditionally respect you
with just one powerful intention:

to support you on your journey forward and help you to resolve issues or blind sport that have kept you form being your best …

Allow me to invite you to a deeper conversation, take some soul aligned action and start dreaming again …

(Skype calls).    



A Moment of Gratitude …

coffee_cups_ journalling

It’s been raining in London, off and on, and I love listening to summer rain with the air filled with this delightful wet earthy smell. I had the garden door open, so could enjoy this relaxing treat without getting wet.

I am sure you have heard people talk about gratitude journals. Well there is a good reason for that!

When we choose gratitude, we raise our entire being to a high-vibrational energy, which opens the pathways to expanding and overflowing goodness to flow into our lives.

Take the time to really enjoy this video below:


Learning To Look After Myself …

Just got a new shipment of nutritional supplements. Gosh what a difference they make since starting to take them. As they are also essential oils infused, with the careful combining of ingredients with a specific order to create a specific synergy to support the body. My energy has risen significantly since faithfully taking them.

Did you know that the essential oils combined in the supplements actually make the the vitamins bio-available to the body?

These supplements have made a huge difference!