Adventures of the Mind

Today, I was side tracked. It all happened when I was waiting for a young client and and my mind started to drift. 

I love children’s stories, I love fairy tales, I love magical stories for kids … and so it began … in my mind I was playing out a kids story of magical proportions. Adults can’t see, simply because they lost the ability to dream, to imagine, to enter the land of fantasia. 

So, in my spare time I choose to write children’s stories … and yes there are essential oils features in them, as they have energetic powers only quantum scientists can begin to fathom ….


An awakened imagination works with a purpose.

YL meditation combined

“An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable.”  ~ Neville Goddard

To me, spiritual meditation means to let go of perceived limitations and enter into the realm of allowing Spirit to show expanding possibilities. Then on purpose enter into that realm of unlimited abundance being One with the source energy … God.

I am training myself, my mind, my senses, my being to fully step into the future, my destiny, my purpose. Using specific essential oils and NLP for that is also helpful, as I know how to engage all my sub-modalities to experience the future as the now. From the neurological point of view the ‘now’ experience of the future is now registered as experienced, as past tense. The essential oils also register in the limbic system a sense of emotional fulfillment around desires attained.

This means my entire system is creating a positive “backlog” of already flourishing inner resources, strengthening me for the unfolding of the already attained desire ….

“Really successful entrepreneurs train themselves to see what isn’t yet there.” ~ Elizabeth Purvis


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

Today serves as a reminder:

Better some imperfect action, than some perfect inaction.

Today, I chose to reach out to people who have a dream of greatness, a dream of impacting their world, people who dared to step into their own business … but for whatever reason momentarily have those ‘blips’ where they hit an old wall, e.g. some financial stuff thrown at them that re-awakened the old fear of failure, some harsh criticism, stumbled into a ditch of depression funk where everything all of a sudden looks bleak and seeing straight does not seem an option, or whatever.

I chose to add a graphic I created on Facebook:

With this text:

“Small Biz Owners, SoloPreneurs, and self employed people often struggle with stress, self doubt, limiting beliefs or other issues.
Here to help! What if you could have a Break Through? Just for July I offer half price coaching help for new clients! (Normally £75)

There are times when you just want to talk to someone
who will not judge you,

who will unconditionally respect you
with just one powerful intention:

to support you on your journey forward and help you to resolve issues or blind sport that have kept you form being your best …

Allow me to invite you to a deeper conversation …

(Skype calls).    

So we will see who takes up this special offer. I love helping people. I have been through huge emotional doubts myself, so, the advice I give to others is what I use myself.

I had a situation like that today which tempted me with the old contraction of fear, and scarcity sensation, and panic, yes it was so strong. Thankfully I have the “Stress Away” essential oils blend, and EFT Tapping. So I could handle it. However, I understand that frozen “deer in headlights” feeling, that feeling of hopelessness and there is no way out. This is where someone who’s been in the battlefield and trenches comes in very useful. I have had those people and coaches in my life who were willing to listen, and then encourage me to see beyond my own temporary blind spots and make me aware that, “yes! I can do it!” My gratitude for those special people is forever!

Even the greatest and most successful people have had temporary moments where they lost hope, where they bumped up against old limiting beliefs, when they were close to packing it all in … this is where it is invaluable to have someone walks next to one who is willing to put their ego aside, and help.

It is my desire to help others unravel their frozen fear, despair and start dreaming again!

Passionate Leadership Development 

A quick note as I am sitting at Costa Coffee right now.  I guess a good place as any to reflect over a conversation I had with a new network marketeer. He told me that he joined our company because he wanted to help his new upline.

As a missionary himself, he thought that signing up under the people who are also missionaries would help and bless them.

I felt like jumping in and get on my soap box straight away and correct that notion … but then opted for the gentler approach.

Sure this notion is a noble one, but it’s a huge misconception of what network marketing really is: the concept of the upline gets all the financial rewards of the downline’s hard work.

As a team leader myself, I encourage my people to forget about me, it’s my responsibility to support my business builders to reach their dream. I cannot do it for them, but I can inspire, share some of my experiences, things I have learnt, and support them to map out their route.

This is not an altruistic move of mine it’s business smart, it’s following the advice of the Master who said something like, “whoever would be great among you must be your servant…”,  or as Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”.

So as a leader, as a network marketing professional, it is my responsibility to learn and have coaches and get all the training I can possibly get, so that I will be the best possible person to teach and train my leaders to become their best version of themselves, to help them be rich and thrive in abundance whilst their own wellness increases, their quality time with their loved ones increases ….

This does not mean that I hold the “baby bottle” for them forever, and continue to do “hand holding” beyond their reasonable capacity to excel in their own leadership. I work best with people who are seriously hungry. Network marketing is one of the best personal development programs there is, it challenges! Reaching up the ranks means becoming a different person, the person that is a world changer!

So, will this lovely missionary couple get this for their downline? I choose to believe that they might!

Giving Myself a Pep-Talk

coffee_cups_ journalling

It’s been raining in London, off and on, and I love listening to summer rain with the air filled with this delightful wet earthy smell. I had the garden door open, so could enjoy this relaxing treat without getting wet.

So, yes, I had a day off today (I usually work on weekends in my current job), and was endeavoring not to stress out over the soon approaching change in my work … yes, I am going part time, so that I can devote my attention more to my Young Living business.

YL- Stressaway bottle… and “Stress Away” applied liberally LOL


I have always said to people, to never do this network marketing business and quit one’s job ‘cold turkey’. Certainly I have followed this rule so far. However, changing to part time in a couple of weeks (yes it is official), does feel like quitting  ‘cold turkey’!

I did this on purpose for various reasons. I noticed how easy it is to coast along treating this business as a hobby, rather than a business with all the various demands, and have that ‘one day’ notion…

Also I have noticed how easy it is to stay in the comfort zone of ‘getting through the month somehow’. It is quite amazing really how we humans tend to find our lowest tolerance level, and if we can survive that, we tend to stay on that level with the occasional perks,  … or even get tolerant with the ‘feast and famine’ cycle.

Sometimes creating a conscious discomfort generates the necessary ‘kick in the rear’ to actually get out of that rut and seriously get that adventure rolling …. Certainly I needed that!

Additionally, I am deliberately training my mind away from ‘my income is dependent on the amount of hours I work’, the time for money trade-off, to: despite all my efforts, hard work, etc., I  am not the source of money. Money is an energy and it flows where attention goes. If I allow fear, scarcity and lack to grip me, if I allow to resist the ‘not having enough’, my attention is on that … so I will continue having more of that.

If, however, I stop seeing myself as the source, and really start embodying the deep knowledge that God is my Source, and in His universe are all the resources I could possibly ever dream of going through me, if I choose to start being the co-creator and take aligned action, step by step, then my focus is on the abundance available to me.

It is a leap of faith I am willing to take….

Learning To Look After Myself …

Just got a new shipment of nutritional supplements. Gosh what a difference they make since starting to take them. As they are also essential oils infused, with the careful combining of ingredients with a specific order to create a specific synergy to support the body. My energy has risen significantly since faithfully taking them.

It’s easy to be so focused on building a business and working hard, that one forgets to look after oneself. Certainly I have been guilty of that!

Especially as I am still in a full time job working with mental health, special needs and other disabilities young people with challenging behaviours, I have experienced extreme tiredness, Fibromyalgia symptoms, and generally being worn out.

Building a business on days off, or evenings, to ease myself out of this often very negative environment which is physically, mentally and emotionally draining,  I have found that quite exhausting! Hence I choose to make looking after myself a serious priority!

These supplements have made a huge difference!

I choose to do some Facebook Live and Periscope videos, to teach on the YL supplements!!

A Diary 

Why a diary? Well, I have had so many ideas floating about in my mind and organising them in form of a log, I thought would be quite useful.

Network Marketing I have played with in the past and treated more like a hobby.  So, yes, I have come across multiple examples of people who made it big, became very wealthy and were able to do all the philanthropic acts I always thought I wished to do, but I always felt that this would be a pipe dream for me.

This has changed now, I am determined to make it happen. I am in my mid sixties and close to retirement, with no retirement plan as such, like a lot of baby boomer women.

I joined a company, Young Living, which I have vetted and experienced for the last 7 years. I am truly passionate about the products, but how do I seriously build a sustainable business in a few years?

I am on “Star” level right now and learn all I can learn to move forward. I am also currently still in full time employment, thus learning and building the business will be squeezed in.

My change of thinking has happened. I have moved away from treating Young Living (YL) as a hobby and slot in time for the business whenever I can, to being on purpose. I am ready to strategically plan, schedule, and treat it as the professional business it deserves to be.

I have now embarked on this journey. No turning back.